Date: 2019 November 19th-21st
Location: Tehran

Crytech mining team at ITE 2019 Exhibition
Crytech mining team at ITE 2019 Exhibition

Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) is a specialized international exhibition in the field of financial information technology (FinTech), with the participation of transaction supply chain and support of
governmental organizations and institutions, by the FABA Center as the decision-making center of interaction between the Iranian banking and payment industry.

Besides banks that are always present in Transaction Exhibitions, FinTech companies and startups were considerably active in ITE 2019. Seeing blockchain products next to traditional banking systems was a strange but fascinating paradox.

We, CryTech, as a crypto-currency startup, found this event useful for the introduction of our token called CRY.

Crytech mining team at ITE 2019 Exhibition. Antminer S17

To catch the attention, we had put an Antminer S17 ASIC miner into the vision, and nothing could have served us better than this bait.

Contrary to the current state of Bitcoin, in terms of price and network difficulty, people were eager to invest in mining. Surprisingly, those with hands-on experience in mining bitcoin/altcoins would prefer investing in CRY token rather than mining on their own.

Although plenty of payment gateways and wallets were announced in the exhibition, the place of blockchain and crypto-currencies among payment methods was missing. Sooner or later, banks will fill this gap by adapting to this modern type of currency.

To summarize, the majority of products that were based on old-fashioned technologies were ignored, while the few innovative apps and services, mostly based on blockchain, were the heartbeat of ITE.

Watch introducing Cry token video at ITE 2019 event:

Cry token made bitcoin mining easy