Terms of Services

Read it, it's important (and short)

  This is the agreement. We are CryTech (crytech.trade -AKA website- domains and its subdomains). You are the user. Services are anything we provide. Laws are the terms of using services. Devices are Mining Machines.

CryTech reserves the right to change/remove parts of laws, from now till ever.

You are responsible to check the changes in laws periodically on our website. If you agree with laws, use our services. If you do not, simply don't.

 1. Your laws, your issue

Users reside in different countries. You need to take care of your local/governmental laws. We do not know who you are and where you come from (or go to, or live at, etc.).

 2. Using services

2.1 Keep your credentials safe, we neither ask for them, nor keep them. So credentials are your own responsibility. Be aware that by losing your credentials, you lose your capital.

2.2 We may need your email, wallet address (for payments), etc. but we will never ask for your personal information.

2.3 Termination. If we decide to terminate the services someday, we will definitely let you know why, when, and how.

 3. Rules

3.1 You accept that you will not act as a middle man in our services.

3.2 Risks. We do not warranty profit. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and may cause serious loss as well as high profit.

3.3 Will. We do not encourage you to invest your money in our services. If you use our services, it is your decision and your willingness.

 4. Warranty

4.1 Despite the fact we do our best to protect the devices, damages (partial or complete) may occur. We will spread devices in more than two locations, we will repair/renew broken or old devices, we will provide safety. But there are always chances of loss like theft, Force Majeure Events (earthquake, fire, war, flood), etc. In such cases we do not warranty compensation.

 5. Fees

5.1 By using our services, you confirm your knowledge that we get a good fee. That is what encourages us to develop, and to keep the system working and healthy. Instead of low fees, we get good fees, that results in a good environment, for CryTech and you.

 6. Contact

6.1 You may contact us via [email protected] as well as other routes declared on our website.