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How can I trust Crytech Mining?

Transparency of the system: all operations and processes such as minting and distribution of tokens, payment of profit, and controlling the validation of processes are done by smart contracts and open source software so users can monitor the operations
Given that half of the mining profit belongs to Crytech, it makes no sense for the project to be a scam. Growing the number of investors and tokens is a more profitable workaround.

What happens when Bitcoin price drops or difficulty increases?

We have almost the cheapest electricity among miners. So we can keep devices working when others are turning theirs off. This means we make profit even when others shut their miners down.
Another workaround is buying devices with less power consumption and replace with old devices.

What is the minimum payout?

Payment is made weekly and the minimum is 0.05 ETH

Why does CryTech take 50% of profit?

Mining has a lot of challenges and the profit should be enough to overcome the challenges.

With 50% of profit, you still gain more with us compared with other mining platforms, unlike which we only benefit when you benefit.

Do not trust those who claim to receive a little profit. There are many scam projects in blockchain and crypto-currencies that offer tempting suggestions.

50% of profit can compensate the necessary costs for fixing any unforeseen problems even massacres such as floods, fires, etc... to ensure that the payment of the holders is ensured under any circumstances.

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